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Well my tango top is on it's way I guess but it's not gonna make it in time by tuesday!

I wonder what Jayna's doing right now. Her flight landed at like 5 or 6 in the morning and then she said she was thinking of just waiting til 1pm for the other girls to get in :/...that's a lot of waitin man!

Haha Kenny likes to write in the key of F...hehe both the songs he wrote on NS, NS, NP are in F. And my teracher said I can easily learn his song in one week so I should pick another song too...hmmm....Tony's piano song 'It's You' perhaps? hehe That weird dream I had haha...

Man I need to find my colored pencils so I can do my 440 project so I can have it done so I can work on my 444 project so I can have it at least halfway done before I go to Disneyland tomorrow!

OMG! I emailed the student worker people and I can only work there fo 90 days after I graduate! ok WHATEVER Isaac has been there for like 2 years since he graduated and he barely recently became full time!! This is so BS man! I've gotta get ta steppin on finding a job then man!

Haha ok I wrote that other stuff earlier but omg I was cleaning out my bathroom cuz I have stuff in there since like 1993 man! DANG! ok so I find this MUDD Mask thing and it's all hard so I pick it up and turn it over and there was a hole in it and of course my cat just HAS to walk under me at that time so all this nasty yellow stuff gets on him. So I'm running after my cat to wipe him off before he starts licking himself. OMG it was hilarious, I locked him into the downstairs bathroom and wiped him off haha poor kitty, now he's on my bed licking himself GROSS, why's he gotta go on my bed and do that? Oh well whatever.

Ok now I have to go back to looking for my colored pencils

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    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

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