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It's new music tuesday...

So I went to Target on my lunch break and got Matchbox Twenty's 'more than you think you are', Craig David's 'Slicker Then Your Average' and Shania Twain's 'Up'.

So I get out of my car to go to work and what do I do? Drop them all on the floor of course... the Craig David case has a crack all the way across the front and Matchbox20's case has a small crack in the back...good going, klutz.

Matchbox20's CD is awesome! I love 'Bright Lights' and 'Unwell' and their hidden track. All the songs are great! Typical Matchbox20! Now they need to tour and I'm going even if I have to go alone, or drive to LA and take my sis with me haha.

Craig David's CD is cool. I can't remember any songs that totally stood out but I liked the CD. And people kept talking to me while I was listening to it so that didn't help. When I first heard his single I didn't like it that much but it grew on me.

Shania Twain's CD is cool's a 2 disc set, she put pop versions of all 19 songs on a red CD and country versions of all the songs on a green CD and you get both and it was only $9.88. There's a blue CD too but that's the import Asian CD. I liked her new song even though it did sound like a different one she had out and I haven't bought a CD of hers since I got 'The Woman in Me' from the BMG club way back when but since it was so cheap I thought why not.

Time for dinner I'll write more later.

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