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It's Been Awhile

Dang I didn't update this thing since Thanksgiving! Well I passed all my classes baby! 4 B's and an A. WAHOO! Thank goodness, man that semester was stress city! This semester starts tomorrow already! Blech. Oh Well it was gonna start sooner or later anyway. Just think after this I only have the summer!! WAHOOOO!!

So let's see my break was cool. all I really did was work though.

Last tuesday Maria and I took Chrissy back to school and went to Venice Beach (for the second time) to look for Lance's company A Happy Place. We finally found it! We were so excited LOL! I was screeching about seeing the flamingo's LOL! We drove by twice then parked (our paking meter went ballistic on us) and walked over to it. There was some girl on a computer and then 2 girls came out. Lance wasn't there though, of course we didn't know it but he was actually in Newport Beach running with the Olympic torch.

Then we went to a taping of "Reba". That was fun except the dude that entertains you between shots was stupid! LOL! He kept throwing out candy but I never caught any! Maria caught one and the guy next to me gave me one but I never caught one! Until the very end, he had three bags of candy left and I caught a big bag of Snickers!! Man I was so excited that I jumped up and screamed "YES!" LOL! I looked over to MAria and she was sitting down laughing at me and this old guy in front of me looked at me all grumpy and said "eat it all at one time". What a poo! I was happy man, I had been starving!! But I didn't eat them cuz it was the end anyway so we went to McDonalds and when we were in the drive thru I was rocking out to Britney's "Anticipating" and then this car of girls in front of me started mimicing me LOL! Then they did a thumbs up to me LOL! I was just laughing, I didn't care man I was in a good mood. LOL!

Back to the taping, near the end they did give us cookies and Reba water so that was cool of them! And the show was cool, they didn't make that many mistakes and we got to see them use a bunch of different lines for different things so it will be interesting to see what they keep in the show. The little boy in the show came up and sang for us, he's so cute!! He sang "Survivor" from Reba, "Grand Old Flag", and Smash Mouth's "All Star". The dad on the show came and talked to us and the chick that plays Barbara Jean stayed in character and very bimbo-ey said "yeah what he said". On the way back to the car there was a huge crowd at the elevator cuz Park Overall was there giving out autographs. She's really nice. Reba had given autographs after the show too but she left before we could get to her.

So *NSYNC tickets should be going onsale soon. The rumored date for our concert is March 10th, Alicia Keys is coming that day too. I wanted to go to her concert :(. But I've heard the good seats for *NSYNC's concert are going to be freaking $110 EACH! Heck no man that's crazy, that better be wrong.

Well I better get ready for school!

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