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So Angela, Maria and I went to see Tony Lucca last night. We didn't see JC, of course we couldn't really see anything LOL! We did see amy Jo Johnson, who use to be on Felicity. That was cool.
It was Tony's last show and the last song he sang was "Hollywood Chain Gang", my favorite song. He's cool! I'm glad he's going on tour with *NSYNC, I just wish he was opening for them here!

Before that we found Lulu's Cafe where JC and Em were spotted a few days ago. We were wondering if it was the right place because there were no seats outside until we walked up to it and noticed it was closed and everything was crammed inside LOL!

Ok Angela, Maria and I are going to see A Walk To Remember, and Alicia saw it and she told me it's so good but I asked if Jamie dies in the movie and of course she does which pisses me off because she didn't in the book! Hollywood sucks!

Well I better do my homework LOL!

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    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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