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So I walked in at 5:45 this morning and I had slowly clicked the lock and I was walking slowly up the stairs and I'm thinking aww yeah I'm gonna get away with it when I hear "you can at least tell us your going to be out all night" BUSTED! Then this morning, or I mean afternoon, when I finally woke up at around 12:30 I think it was, I looked at my cell phone and my dad had called me while I was driving home, but I guess I was out of range, when I told my dad, sorry I must have been out of range he was dead set on thinking I had my phone turned off, what the heck do they think I was doing?

Anyways to what I was doing lol! So I was bored all day and I made everyone know it LOL! So Brad told me to go up there and watch a movie with him and I'm all thinking yeah right I'm not going up there by myself, ends up I'm glad I didn't. Anyways so I said Maria wanted to go rollerskating so he said well come up here and we will. So I go to Maria's and she can't find her skates but we go anyway. So we're driving up the 5 and see the 76 but we miss it so we take the next exit so I can turn around but NO it has to be freakin Camp Pendelton and we had to wait in the long old line and show my ID and everything, man that was so stupid and sucky!! Then we finally turned around, ok so then we get to Frazee street and I tell Maria to tell me where Oleander is and well we passed it and Maria's all "that one's shadow way" but it us some houses being built that are called shadow way, it was actually the street we were looking for. But on our way down Frazee I was like not paying attention and I near rammed right smack into a parked bulldozer LOL! So we're laughing hysterially by this point and I called him and we finally got there. Then I was just like ok whatever and while he came out to meet us I reclined my chair and decided to go to sleep LOL! I was finished LOL!

Anyway so we took his car and OF COURSE he had to show off with how cool he can drive right? I swear what is it with guys having to show off all the time? So we get out at the beach and I realize that I haven't rollerbladed in like a million years and I'm totally gonna fall LOL! So here Brad goes showing off AGAIN, this time on his rollerblades. And I'm like fumbling around stupidly. Anyway to make a long story short here's what happened:
• it took me like an hour to get down the stairs lol
• Maria was eating some nasty buritto she got at Del Taco on our way up there
• I walked in the sand with my rollerblades so now supposedly the barrings are shot but whatever and I was told I'm lucky I didn't step on a needle (man I wanted to go to the water, it was the freaking beach, even though it was kinda funky cuz he just sat on the rocks) because people are always shooting up around there NICE!
• We were asked if we had pot because some dude came from Belgium and they were looking for some lol!
• I was acting stupid like always
• I said something like "dang you chicks are slow hurry up!" And so for awhile Brad's all saying "chicks? tweet tweet twiddely tweet" and well one time he didn't see a ramp and slipped and totally wiped out LOL! It was so bad. He played it off of course, I'm all "omg are you okay?" in between my laughter and he's just like yeah man no problem lol!

So then we went back to his house and his room....I couldn't help but laugh and I think by the 5th time I was laughing to myself about it he was getting annoyed. I couldn't help it man it was totally like Angela's brother's room but there's like way more computer stuff then he has, it's crazy! Seriously it's like an office with a bed in it. And posters all over the walls of movies or airplnes, that's what mainly made me think of Angela's brother. Anyway while we were there I was whispering stuff to Maria and he's all "great now their talking shit about me" why does everyone swear that's what we're doing? I was just saying stuff! Anyway it's cool though. But I was in bimbo mode or something I swear if I don't get out of bimbo mode someday I'm gonna strangle myself. But yeah he asked us if we wanted to watch a movie but I didn't really see anything I really wanted to see right then. Then we got into an Ever After conversation (which I watched today because after that and Angela talking about it a fw days ago I wanted to see it again). So he decided to show us everything on his computer. Yeah that was interesting but anyway, he's like totally into cars too which made me think of GMD. LOL! Sorry JD whatever I still think GMD is better. Anyway so he showed us his dream car and all these racing things. Oh and I forgot to talk about his little mood lighting, ok it's not even just on the wall it's freaking remote controlled LOL! We got into a conversation about that too I'm all "nice you've got the mood lighting going on now you just need the music" he tried to play some thing but nothing worked I'm like no no no you need some Miles Davis or Marvin Gaye, Maria pointed out Brian McKnight would work too which made me think Usher's slow song would work too LOL! ANYWAY lol ok so back to the lighting, he's all "wanna see the Star Wars trailers" so I said sure and bam the lights went out lol! of course I mean you know the covetted Star Wars previews need to be played in the dark for the full effect right? LOL! But yeah it was cool LOL!

Then the lovely drive home oh yeah that was great. I nearly fell asleep but I didn't! :) And then I got home and conked out man! LOL

Today we went to dinner with Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Peter, Jessica, Jacob and Nic. It was cool, it was at Anthony's for dad's birthday. When mom told Aunt Evelyn I hadn't come home til 5:30 she asked what I had been doing to which I replied nothing. :) My mom had asked me earlier and I said nothing then too. At dinner mom's all saying something like I shouldn't be coming home so late and I'm all "hello you don't know when Chrissy gets home so why should you care" which is when she tells me dad was downstairs looking for my cell number and called me at like 5:35. Ugh how annoying I need to move out then no one knows when I come home and it doesn't matter, and then I can have people over!!

Oh and I didn't win the lotto :( LOL! Which means I'm not moving out anytime soon :(!

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