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Ok I can't believe Vegas was just last weekend!!! Anyway I think I've finally recouperated LOL! It was weird coming back and going right to school, I needed a weekend from my weekend but I made it through! LOL! Next stop Orlando where we land one hour before my class starts LOL! We'll see what happens there.

So we got there thursday night around 5:30pm, we were suppose to get there earlier but Maria took forever to get to my house and then we had lunch with Angela since it was already like 10:30 and we all felt like eating Rubios. After we checked in to our hotel we went to the Rio beccause Maria HAD to get beads from the little show they had there. We saw the show like 4 times LOL! After the first time we found out where to go to get beads and we took a picture with the Mamba lady lol! We bought the picture cuz it was cute. Then before every show we'd hide the beads we had so the people on the floats would throw us some LOL! After the last time these lady's came up to us and said "you didn't get any beads, everyone should have beads" and they handed us 2, but oine lady said "not my purple though I'm keeping my purple" LOL! We felt kind of bad since we DID have beads but we thanked them graciously and then left.

Friday morning we walked around a bit, we went to Walgreens and then had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Then we went over to the NYNY to check out Coyote Ugly where I bought a shirt and a shot glass :), since that is one of my favorite movies (gotta love Adam Garcia). Then we went back thru the MGM and back to our hotel to get ready for the concert.

Anyway the concert was GREAT again, the only difference was the little talk they do before the blues version of I Want You Back, this time Justin talked about how he was 21 now and had been in the casino for only 30 minutes and had already lost $200! We screamed like heck for Tony and the people around us thought we were crazy LOL! and we got his autograph and took a pic with him, I've never posted a pic in here but here I'll try it...

did it work? LOL! Anyway I actually talked to him too LOL! I'm all "Hey you didn't sing Hollywood Chain Gang" and he said "yeah" and I said "but that's my favorite song" and he smiled and Maria chimed in with "well that and Happily Ever After" so I said "yeah Happily Ever After which you sang so it's all good" LOL! And then I asked if we could take a picture with him and he said yeah! Eeeek! He's so cute LOL! Anyway then we got back to our side of the venue (the Tony signing was all the way on the other side) and saw Not So Boy Band, so to make them feel good we got their autographs too LOL! Even thought they were talking to some big breasted blond the whole time so they didn't even notice. Whatever.
So we got back to our seats and Judi told us we were invited to Tony's after party and did we want to go so I said heck yeah and they said to meet up with them after the concert. So after the concert, with my Lance picture in hand, we met up with them and went right over there (I thought we'd change or go to the hotel first or something but no). So we walked all the way to the freakin Polo Towers, we were told it was "next door" to the MGM, yeah that next door is freakin far!! So we got there and there was a bunch of girls dressed hoochie and guys drinking and stuff. The view was awesome, it was the top floor. But Judi didn't see Quincy who invited all of us so after like 10 minutes they left, they told us to stay but we left after they did because we felt funky, we didn't have clubbish outfits on and I was still holding a picture of Lance. We saw them and hid behind a pillar LOL! I called Jayna and when the coast was clear we went, there was a mcdonalds on the way and I was thirsty so we went in and there was Judi and her daughter, so I said "we left cuz we were underdressed and needed to change clothes or something LOL!" They laughed an said yeah and hugged us again and said bye and to email them. Judi emailed me since and I emailed her back but I don't think she's emailed me back yet. Unless I accidentally deleted it.

Anyway we went back to the hotel and Maria changed out of her Granite shirt, thank goodness lol, and we gambled (aka loosing money while innocently stalking lol) around the MGM for awhile. We ended up seeing Chris (though we didn't know it at the time) and Justin go back to their room at around 5am. That's when we went back to the hotel and went to sleep!

On Saturday I wanted to go to the St. Patricks Day Parade at the NYNY but Maria had to take her freakin hour shower and we missed it! I knew I shoulda just left and went alone but oh well. So then we walked to Lance's Bellagio, we were starving by the time we got there but there was only freakin expensive food there so we walked over to Caeser's Palace and went to Planet Hollywood and ate where we had seen JC freak dancing in July LOL! We stupidly bought alocoholic drinks LOL! But they had free cups. Anyway then we went across the street to Bally's since Maria wanted to walk thru the big blue hoops. Then we crossed thru to the Paris casino where we took a 20 minute stop in the bathroom because I was tired and it was fancy with a nice sitting area LOL! Then we went back to the MGM where I saw the trucker hat and under it was Justin, I got him on video but only til he looked at me then I stopped LOL! We waited by these $5 slot machines and pretended to be waiting for someone and Justin came and stood right next to us, like less then 5 feet away and was talking to his friends and mom and stuff. It was crazy. Then he went to play blackjack and I tried to get him on video there but the bodyguard stood in my way :P. So we looked for anyone else but didn't see them. Then we decided to go back to the hotel and get ready to go to a club or something but I fell asleep and Maria didn't wake me up like she should have. I can't believe I fell asleep during 6 feet under LOL!

So we woke up all refreshed sunday morning and checked out. Then we went back to the Rainforest Cafe at around 2 for our last meal in Vegas. Afterwards we say a 5 cent game where you could win a car so I played it, I did good the first time, then it went down and I lost all my nickels LOL! Then Maria's all omg there's Chris and there he was. After he saw Maria him and his tall blond haired posse started bookin it to the other end of the hotel. So we followed them as nonchalantly as possible. I got him on video and Maria's all there's Mike Ditka and then she turned around and said oh and there's Justin LOL! We followed Chris a bit and lost the rest of our money. After Chris and Justin went back to their rooms we gambled away the rest of our money, well I did because I had to play this stupid Stampede game LOL!, then we finally left Vegas at around 5:30. we didn't get home til midnight and Maria still has one of my bags that I forgot in her car.

So yeah that was Vegas! But now I'm back in reality and Angela wants to go to Orlando and we told Maria to get the tickets but she didn't and now we can't find the same flight anymore, just our luck.

Well Darren's CD came out this week and DAMN it's good but I think I've been listening to it a bit to much, I need to take a break LOL! But my fav songs are I Miss You, Crush (1980 Me), Good Enough and Like It Or Not. Actually that last song gave me an idea for a Lance/JC story, hopefully one I'd actually write. Usually I get ideas, I write down stuff but I never follow through.

On The Line and the PopOdyssey Tour DVD's come out tuesday! YEAY!

Well I've got homework so I'm out.

Oh and one more thing tonight my dad had some nice things to say to me...Supposedly I dress like crap, I have no goals and I'm never gonna get a man or amount to anything, aren't dad's great?!
And he was totally acting like Felicity's mom was on the show this week!! Ugh! I need to get out of here.

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