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So...ok...why have I been spending all this money at Target when the 99 cents only store in El Cajon has practically the same things for 99 cents?
Well now when I move out I know I can afford stuff there lol!

My mom and I went to Vons this morning and while we were in line I said "Hey Sandra Bullock is on Cosmo...and the Dixie chicks are on People" then the lady in front of me said "I read those too that's why I'm smilimg". She was really friendly. Then when we got closer to the cashier there was some magazine and I said "Hey look that magazine says 'How to Look 10 years younger' so I can look 13!" lol my mom laughed and then the lady said "you're not 23 are you? see you've already got it, you don't look much over 19"...hehe.
When she got up to the cashier she was talking with him and she had a southern accent and she said "I'm from out of town and gosh I don't even speak english here" lol I guess us city folk were a bit overwhelming for her. :)

Yeay the Bucs won lol! I fell asleep in the 2nd quarter haha but the 4th quarter was interesting.
No riots yet lol!
We heard the jets flying over us, way out here in east county, before we saw them on TV. :)
I liked Shania Twain's outfit, I love those all the ones Britney wore on her tour. Her performance was good too :). And the Dixie Chicks sounded awesome! Beyonce was dancing weird...

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