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Ok I just, out of the blue, remembered that last night I had a dream I met Britney Spears LOL!

It was short but cool. I mean I've heard Justin and she are bad to approach because they aren't to nice but in my dream she started out that way but ended nice. It was weird she was sitting in this small area with a bar or rope in the front and everyone passed by, come to think of it it was kindof like at the zoo when you pass by the animals and they are behind a bar you know? Ok that seems mean but anyway moving on LOL! So she was back there and as I passed by I said "Hi Britney" and she just kinda nodded and then I said I liked Crossroads and she got up and said said "oh really? thanks so much" and then I told her I went into it thinking of it being another 'On The Line' at first and she laughed and said "oh no". That's all I remember.

Ok I don't know why I said that I mean I liked 'On the Line' ok so they really shouldn't have done the voiceovers without reshooting the scene but you know that was the only bad part.

I turned on HBO and Cast Away was on, it was the part where he has to go get the rope that he was going to use to hang himself, I guess since he refered to it later. But then he throws Wilson out of the cave and then goes to get him then it was where he couldn't sleep cuz they were leaving the next day. Anyway that movie is weird and depressing, his wife remarried man, he doesn't get the girl! That movie leaves you with a sucky feeling, maybe if I watched it from the beginning but that sucks!

And now I forget what else I was gonna say, oh well

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