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Happy April Fools Day!

So Lance called me this morning and we're getting married! OMG I can't believe it! LOL! He said we've gotta do it before May though when he's going to Russia to train for space so AHHH! I have to get everything planned in a hurry! He's got a concert tonight but he had someone drive up a mustang cobra into my driveway with a big bow on it and sitting on the drivers seat was a small box with a ring in it and then my cell phone rang, it was great!

But seriously

Woohoo I have the day off work cuz of Ceaser Chavez day! Aww yeah! And it's spring break! YEAY! But I need to get ready because I don't want to be in my pajamas at 1pm again like I've done before lol!

Oh and Martina McBride is coming in concert here on my birthday! YEAY! And Collin Raye is coming too on July 24th I think. EEE I love him! Now if freakin' Kenny would just come!! LOL!

  • Past

    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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