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grrr...just when they get our hopes up for them recording in september....lance decides to go to space in october...

bah, whatever.

Lance Bass Is Ready for Takeoff
'N Sync's bass singer, Lance Bass, is still planning a rocket
ride to the moon.
Bass told me on Saturday night at Clive Davis ' mega-pre-
Grammy bash that despite the Columbia tragedy, he still plans
to get on a Russian space shuttle this fall and take a trip to the
"We're ready to go this October," Bass said. "The money is all
in place and everything is set. We were almost there last fall but
we got screwed at the last minute by certain people. We also
had MTV and others ready to go. But now everything is
Bass sports a gold shuttle pin on his lapel. He says the
Columbia disaster has done nothing but make him want to go
more. As far as he knows, the Columbia accident has not
changed the scheduled plans for the Russian takeoff in October,
How this will coincide with 'N Sync's plans is another story.
Justin Timberlake told me that the group is supposed to
resume their recording career in September, with plans afoot
for a new album. Is it a final album?
"No one knows what will happen, do we?" said Justin
Indeed, the 'N Sync crew does seem very together and bonded.
Manager Johnny Wright must be doing something right since
they seem to be traveling and eating together, with no apparent
unhappiness from Timberlake's solo career taking off.
Joey Fatone, for example, fresh from being in Rent on
Broadway, told me he's looking to join another musical.
"Rent was great, but I was in it too long," he said. The next
commitment will be shorter.
But don't look for Bass in a musical anytime soon.
"Everyone expects me to do that," he said, "but there aren't
many lead parts for a bass singer. I want to do a play."
Meanwhile, Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson has joined the
Broadway cast of Chicago as Billy Flynn (played by Richard
Gere in the movie). Soul sensation Angie Stone will take over
the role of Mama (played by Queen Latifah in the movie)
starting in April for ten weeks. Now that's something I don't
want to miss!

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