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Sorry lol!

So I went to LA yesterday to pick up my sister and bring her home (more on LA later). So I was driving home today and well I wanted to say sorry to the dark blue/gray Explorer, plate number 4PHY433, that I passed up lol. Well you see there was a row of cars in the carpool lane and I thought I could pass them. The carpool lane opened into two lanes and so I got in the other lane and it ran out faster then I thought it would lol so I only got in front of that Explorer. I felt stupid lol I was thinking that the guy in the car was say "yeah where'd you get? you moron" lol. So the next time the lanes opened into two the guy did the same thing to me hahahahahaha!! I saw him coming and wasn't gonna let him over but I just laughed and let him do it, whatever lol. It's so funny cuz I told my sister "you know the chick in there is going 'Dammit John why are you being such a smartass, you're gonna get us killed' and holding onto the door handle" lol! I don't know where the name John came from haha and I forget the name Chrissy gave the wife...Heather I think lol!
But yeah...sorry dude I didn't mean it personally or anything lol!
We lost them somewhere around San Juan Capistrano.

yeah maria and angela still coming or what? we're suppose to be there by now lol oh well I'm going downstairs to wait...see ya'll later.

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