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Country Karaoke

LOL! Maria made me country karaoke last night. She called during the day and I said I'd call back and say if I wanted to go or not so I just said what the heck. They have any song you want though from *NSYNC to Selena. Some guy sang a rock song, I recognized it but don't know who it was or the title LOL! When Maria saw Meredith's song on the list she had to do it. So she got up there and I couldn't hear her at all. Then they tell me to come down, I thought they were going in order and I put my paper in way after Maria, well actually Maria put it in forcing me to sing. I sing SO bad but I didn't care. She made me sing Reba's Why Haven't I Heard From You because of my track record. You know the talk to a guy once and then he never calls me back, yeah that! LOL! so I belted it out, I know I sounded bad but I didn't care LOL! I messed up in one part and yelled shit into the microphone on accident LOL! I was laughing the whole time too LOL! But I can't say it wasn't fun. Maria wanted us to sing Pop before we left but I wasn't gonna do that. Everyone was doing country songs except like 3 people and I wasn't gonna bust out with Pop. Next time maybe...when we have a big group of people there egging us on LOL!

It was cool though, this black guy got up there and sang Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On lol! He was good too! Some hispanic guy sang Elvis I forget which song though LOL! Some chick had her own microphone ad was acting like it was all professional or something I'm like ok chick whatever. But it was fun.

Just a word to the wise. Don't drink a margarita and then a Smirnoff Ice. My stomach hurt the rest of the night! Not a good combo!

And I was late to work this morning and I wanted to go in early so I could get as many hours as possible, oh well LOL!

Okay I've gotta work on my portfolio!

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