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I'm gonna do it!

I'm giving up chocolate for lent!
No M&Ms
No Girl Scout cookies
No chocolate Chip Muffins
No Sees
No Hunny Pots! :/
No eating that huge Snickers I have on my dresser since it's already past midnight.....

I can go 40 days without chocolate...and if I can't that is just very very sad!

And I'm gonna try to be more optimistic lol Life DOESNT suck! LOL!

I would make a chocolate icon but it's already 12:30 and I have to work in the morning lol! 18 more days! 18 more days! Hmmm...18 reminds me of the Dixie Chicks tickets! I'm gonna go see the Dixie Chicks!!! YAY! Now I just need to figure out what will happen if I move to Arizona...cuz the Dixie Chicks concert is on a wednesday :/. Maybe I should just take a lame ass Clerk job for the county...but I don't wanna! :(
My standards are higher then that! lol!

Okay okay godnight! LOL!

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    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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