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AI2 and JOE!

Ok I thought it would be Carmen down in the bottom 3 with Julia and someone else. I saw Kim and Julia when they got called down but we were watching Angel so I missed seeing Rickey get pulled down. I flashed back for one second tho to see Julia get kicked...finally. I mean no offence to her or anything but geez she's been in the bottom 3 every week.
Anyway I loved when they sang "God Bless the USA" I only saw it the first time. But I loved how Josh sang it, I wish he'd sang the whole thing alone.

Ok did spring just start or did we go straight into summer? lol! I'm not complaining or anything. But I left my window open today and when I got home and came upstairs it just smelt like summer time.

Ok I'm officially totally excited about Joe's show tomorrow now! All the girls I met on saturday are going to be there! YEAY! I'm gonna be a happy girl at 9pm tomorrow night!

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