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So I'm driving home today and there's 2 guys hanging out of their car waving and talking to people. Yeah so they saw me and yelled something, I have no idea what and started waving. So I shrugged my shoulders like "what did you say?" and they said something else. Then the guy in the front seat blew a kiss out the window...then later, since we were in traffic and going back and forth as to who was in front, the guy in the backseat told me to get behind them but I wasn't gonna do that lol.

Then I called Maria and she said "they're probably on spring break"..oh yeah duh lol! They were probably from some state in the mid-west or something and were on a high from being at the beach and staying in some ghetto hotel in el cajon lol! We were going east on the 8.

It was pretty funny. Oh and when I said "what?" the first time a car passed by with the window down and a dog looking out at me lol! So I said "oh hi puppy" lol! The chick in the car just laughed. It was weird tho the dog was just looking at me.

Anyway I have to go to sleep!

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