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Hey I just got an email with links to all of the parts of Darren's interview from his site and there was a bunch of interesting things on there!

He has totally made me want to go to San Fransisco now.

He wrote "Dirty" for Britney and "I Can't Ever Get Enough of You" for *NSYNC but he loved the songs to much that he kept them for himself. I could see *NSYNC singing that song but I think Darren does it great so I'm glad he didn't give it to them. He said they were asking him for stuff, that's cool too that they liked him enough to ask that!

Oh and he was asked his favorite word and he said it's monkey, okay LOL! Whatever!

Oh and he said he wanted "Dirty" to be the first single but then Sept 11th happened and he thought the world could use a little love. :)

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