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The hottie shirt strikes again

So we went to Incahoots saturday night and like I always say whenever I wear my "I'm a hottie" shirt SOMEONE ALWAYS talks to us. But I'll get to that later.

So I'm in class today right and this girl's talking to her friends and omg can she be any more bimboey. Okay so she's 20 and a cheerleader right? So she just broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years and is ready to find someone new, of course she's already found 2 guys but, you know, one of them is ONLY 21, a little young right? UM YOUNG FOR A 20 YEAR OLD NO, young for me yes, but anyways. So then she's talking about this 27 year old she's going to have dinner with tomorrow night. so she's not only rejecting the guys we'd reject she's taking the older guys from us, thanks A LOT! Oh and she knows someone that works for OTown so she told that person "hello newly single girl here I wanna meet them" so supposedly she's going to, fine, I hope she gets with one of them, just stay away from *NSYNC alright? :P

So saturday I have to go to this stupid art opening and Maria and I wanted to go try to win Alan Jackson tix from Kimo who was giving them out from 3 til 5:30 at Ron Baker Chevy, so at like 4 I pick up Maria and we go to Ron Baker, we no more then put our names in, stand there for, what like 3 minutes, then ours names were called and we both won 2 sets of tickets LOL! They are lawn seats obviously but I'm thinking their just entrance, we can slip by security and get better seats when we're there.

So then we head to the art openings, look around one, then head over to the Open Air Theater to check out our Jewel seats which are pretty good! Then we went back looked around the other gallery, took some brownies and strawberries and left for Incahoots lol!

Ok so we get in Incahoots and find a table. We got some Corona's which didn't have enough lime so they weren't that good LOL! Then I ordered a "wet kiss" well retarded me I don't wanna say "can I have a wet kiss" so I ask "do you have something watermeloney" LOL! And then the waitress chick's all "well my favorite drink is called a wet kiss do you want to try it?" LOL! So I'm all "yeah sure!" LOL! Yeah I'm retarded.
So we're looking around and I'm all look at that guy he's got a bow tie on and Maria looked and she said "omg he looks kinda like Mel Gibson" and I said "omg he does LOL" We saw him later too and he had taken the tie off and unbuttoned his shirt a bit, he was out there dancin like a moron in no time LOL!
So we're sitting there and then this little guy walks up and says "do you wanna waltz?" and I said "I can't dance I don't know how" and he's all "it's just 1, 2, 3" and I said "I seriously have NO rhythm" so he looked at Maria and said "does she really dance like a white girl?" LOL! He's all "common I'll show you how, us redheads have to stick together" and I'm all thinking oh gosh he's a redhead and he like raised his hat to show me LOL! He asked Maria to but she said no and so he said "well if you guys change your mind I'll be over there".
Then this older guy came over a while later when the shot lady came to our table and after she said do you want a shot the guy looked at me and said do you want a shot, and I said no but Maria got one and then the waitress is all "are you gonna buy her shot" and he's all "I guess, I don't know her but why not" so they drank them and I'm just sitting there like here we go again lol! Then he told us something about going to ocuntry bars where he went to college and everyone was there but here there's not that many people dancing and he said all he knew how to do was 2 step and he asked if we knew how and we said no so he's all "then I guess a dance would be out of the question" and we're all yeah LOL! So then he left.

Well that was the end of that but while I was in the bathroom these 2 girls were in there and omg were they hilarious. Here's the part of the conversation I remember...
"I can't believe he's 42"
"What he looks 32"
"I know but we saw his drivers liscense"
"oh shoot I left my lipstick out there, oh well I'll put it on in front of them, maybe it'll be fallic enough"
"oh well, I just wanna leave lipstick on him anyway, and I've got the only Mel Gibson look alike in the room"
"I told you if you didn't start hitting on him I was gonna"
and then they left. And I burst out in laughter LOL! Poor poor Mel LOL!

But yeah so that was my saturday and today I freaking bit my nails off again, you know this much stress isn't good for a person.

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