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Hey Maria here's that quote I kept trying to say at the Alan Jackson concert LOL! --"Jim, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black and Jose, all my favorite men, you can have it any way you want as long as it's in a shot glass" I watched Coyote Ugly today and wrote it down lol!

So I'm graduating in two weeks, not really but I'm going thru the ceremony then, it's creeping me out man, I swear my friend Vanessa is SO happy about it LOL! And then here's me sitting here freaking out. I mean I still have summer school after it but then that's it, I'm out, out in the real world, of course my parents said I can go get my masters somewhere or whatever, further my schooling, I don't know I guess I'll have to see what happens, I really hope I get the internship class this summer though. I know I'm not gonna get it but I still hope I do, we pick up our portfolios tomorrow and I'm scared to man! :(

Actually I hope Vanessa and I both get in the class, it was so funny yesterday we were all laughing and she's all you have to call me before graduation so we can sit together cuz we'll be laughing the whole time LOL! I'm like alright!

So KSON is giving away Kenny tickets this weekend, I really don't care about that cuz they are most likely lawn seats but then everyone is in the drawing to get front row seats and backstage passes and MAN I wanna meet KENNY!!

Hehe I just sent MAria this message, this is a good way to get to meet Kenny I think lol...ok here's the plan -- we sleep all saturday then we leave saturday night at like 7:30pm and go to the Blockbuster Pavilion, we should get there just in time for Kenny's concert to be over, then we follow them the rest of the way up the 15 to Vegas!  Then we only need to pay for sunday nights stay in Vegas! And we can go to wherever they stop along the way!

Yes I am a bit obsessed
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