April 3rd, 2002



Ok so I woke up with a fucking headache this morning! And when I got to work I took something for it but here I am 7 hours later and the 12 hour pill hasn't kicked in yet. I was suppose to work til 4:30 at least today but I gave up at 3 and went to Kmart where I finally found the photo albums Maria was talking about, of course when I got to the register it came up as $2 more then she told me it was. Then I went to Longs and YEAY my pictures were finally developed but then when I was looking through them I noticed the one picture I wanted wasn't developed, oh it's in the negatives but for some assanine reason it wasn't developed. And I look freakin fat in the picture with my sister. Is today over yet?
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    pounding of my head