April 10th, 2002



OMG I just did the scariest thing today... I walked through the GradFest tent, picked up my tickets for graduation, picked up my cap and gown, and ordered my announcements. This is creepy man! This is like one of the last steps before entering the real world. It's scary! I don't wanna go!! Man last semester all I kept saying was "I just wanna graduate and get out of here" I don't want to anymore, can I take it back? EEK! I mean I know I still have hellish summer school but omg!! I'm gonna graduate. By september I'll be out of school, out of a job and into the real world AHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I still can't breathe by the way. In the GradFest tent they were taking pictures of you in your cap and gown for free but I'm not taking a sicky picture no thank you plus I looked stupid today LOL!

And I STILL need to get ta steppin on my portfolio! EEP!
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