April 12th, 2002


Why don't tv/movie guys exist?

Fine I'm convinced, I'm never gonna find a guy....whatever. I'm just wondering why do they show such great guys on TV and movies if they don't ACTUALLY exist. I mean I remember a while ago I said something to my mom like, see I want a guy like that and she's all, this is TV guys like that don't exist. :( It seems to be true. Well if they do exist where are they? Where is Dawson from Dawson's Creek hiding or where is James from Sliding Doors? I mean James from Sliding Doors isn't even all that good looking, where's the guy that is just there to be there, he just wants to be your friend first. He makes you laugh when you need to, is totally outgoing, brings you with him with friends and all that shit, man! Whatever I don't care. I'll have to check the tubes in England for him LOL!

Oh but anyway I saw Moby's new video this morning, twice lol it was on VH1 and then I turned to MTV and there it was again. JC DOES look hot in that video! lol!

BTW "Sliding Doors"....everyone needs to see that movie!
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    Sliding Doors on my TV :)