April 19th, 2002



So I finally got to see one whole episode of the Osborne's. The show EVERYONE is talking about LOL! I love the mom, she's so cool lol! I saw her and Kelly on Rosie the other day and they're so nice lol! Rosie is like obssessed with the show LOL!

Yeah and I came home from work today at 3pm and I watched Promised Land because I still love that show LOL! Then I stupidly flipped oer to MTV and spent from 4 til 7 watching a Real World marathon, at least I'm caught up now? LOL! Stupid!! I came home early to work on my portfolio and homework!

I got my Sliding Doors DVD yesterday :)

Man I think if Brad talks to me again I'm just gonna tell him off cuz he's so bugging me now.

Okay time to work LOL! Even though Illustrator won't save or place anything so it's pissing the hell out of me.
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So here's another thing I put off til the last minute lol! I'm looking through the Possibilities section of the March 14th and 21st versions of the Night and Day from the Union tribune as research for my Anthropology class, it's so retarded! I can't believe people write these LOL! But now I wanna write one LOL! I know what you're gonna say, don't you attract enough freaks as it is? LOL! But hey it's 20 words for free so how's this....
Never been kissed
redheaded SWF 22
ISO first date, SM 23-28 6'+
N/S or drugs

Gotta add that at the end LOL! But that's only 15 words so I can work on it LOL!

Anyway man now I wish we went to Incahoots tonight cuz they play it live on KSON and it's called Club KSON and it's making me wanna go! Waaa! Oh well we're going tomorrow but it's not as fun on saturdays :(. Well that's cuz I've never met anyone on a saturday LOL! Well except for that dude that proposed from across the parking lot to the "tall skinny one" LOL! That was SO funny!

Eek! I just went to Kenny's site and it's totally revamped and there are clips of his whole CD and OMG it's so good!! I can't wait to get it!!!
OMG forget the songs I just found a picture archive, holy crap!
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