May 26th, 2002



Aww crap Jacobitis is coming back....must fight it off! lol I need a guy....ok so I don't NEED one but I can't say it wouldn't be nice to have one lol!

Ok who wants to come to my birthday party? LOL! I know it's not til July 9th but I can start thinking of stuff like, just cuz I don't have a lot of friends doesn't mean I can't do something. Maybe I'll invite everyone to D&B for dinner or something but then wouldn't I have to pay? cuz I invited them? hmmmm....

Man I don't want school to start again on tuesday, but it's only one class so it can't be that bad.

Anyway I wanna go to San Fransisco my birthday week cuz it's my only other week of vacation from school so who's going with me? lol Any takers? Maybe I can find a Graphics Design job up there! Yeah right, in my dreams.
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