May 29th, 2002


Aww Yeah!

KENNY KENNY KENNY!! Awe yeah I can't wait til Kenny's concert in 8 hours! Well it starts earlier but Kenny comes onstage in 8 hours! WAHOO!! We're leavin at 3:30 AWE YEAH!

Well I better get ready and try not to forget the tickets lol!


Oh and GMD (hahahaha) messaged me today and all thru class he's all tellin me to tell him what name I had him programmed under. He finally figured it out, of course he probably knew the whole time but wanted confirmation lol! Actually it says GMD/JD with his home number and GMD Cell with his cell number but you know it's all good LOL! Hey man it's not my fault you said "Shut up I'm in a good mood" that day. LOL!

Hmm speaking of Angela and my little names we have for people GMD isn't even bad, compared to lets see...Nerdy, Arm&Hammer, Mr. Slam, Piggy, Mini Piggy, Piggy's sister (BTW just to justify myself before people start telling me I'm mean the Piggy family started with some stupid guy coming up to us and saying 'do you know piggy?' and then something else including cuss words, we just laughed at him like what the heck and that's why he's called piggy), the new Recruits, J, Physics, Luap, Olbap... hey Angela help me out here is that it?
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