June 9th, 2002



So we went to Incahoots on friday but bah nothing exciting happened. This waitress chick asked me if I had to straighten my hair though and when I said no she said "oh so you're just evil then" lol!

Saturday night we went to Dizzy's cuz I had to go at least once for my jazz class. Now I need to write a paper on it. I was falling asleep man LOL! But afterwards we drove around downtown and finally found a parking spot that cost $2 and went to Starbucks.

Today I did a whole lot of nothing lol.

Oh I emailed my graduation technition and asked what I had to do if I didn't get into my Sequential Media class so she said to cancel my August Graduation now and then I'll get my Fall registration packet then if I so end up getting into the class I can call her and have my graduation re-instated. So that's cool I'm gonna go do that tomorrow.

Well I'm out
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Down From The Mountain

Aww yeah my dad's actually being cool LOL!

He just had me use his credit card to buy us all tickets to the Down From The Mountain tour. I didn't even really wanna go but hey since he was buying, it's something fun to do July 31st. Dang I'll have Jewel's concert on the 28th and then this one on the 31st LOL!

It's cool though, now I need to buy some overalls hahaha (And Angela said I need a straw hat and some buckwheat to chew on too LOL!!)!

Oh the Down From The Mountain Tour is all those O Brother Where Art Thou songs, the people performing are:
Alison Krauss & Union Station
Emmylou Harris
Patty Loveless
Ralph Stanley
Ricky Skaggs
Norman and Nancy Blake
Dan Tyminski
Bob Neuwirth
The Whites
Jerry Douglass
The Nashville Bluegrass Band
The Del Mccoury Band
and Chris Thomas King
(I only know the first three artists lol, I've heard of the others but yeah)

Someone help me before I totally leave the pop world and become country LOL!
Hey as long as I don' start talkin' all southern it's all good, right ya'll? LOL!
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