July 14th, 2002


So I haven't really updated in awhile...

My family's coming over today for my birthday, yippee...you know what that means? It means when my parents wake up this morning they'll go downstairs and then screaming will starts (aimed at my sister and I) and it won't end until about 10 minutes before everyone gets here...let the party begin. My parents seriously need to chill out. Oh and supposedly I'm lucky I didn't go with my grandma yesterday because she went psycho again and my dad even ended up telling her he's never coming back again, of course he's said it before. But I'd like to see that happen, see if Peter could actually handle her. Supposedly she told Peter we hate him, that should be an interesting topic when they come over today.

So Maria and I went to Incahoots to learn the dance on friday (well we went on thursday too but didn't make it in time for the dance). Anyway so now I actually know how to do a dance lol. Swamp Thang to be exact, to bad I don't have any of the songs you can do that dance too lol. On thursday som eold guy asked me to dance and when I said no he asked Maria and she actually went lol. We saw him again friday, actually he saw us and scared Maria haha then I turned and said "oh hi" LOL. So then there was a seat next to me open so he sat there. We stayed late at Incahoots this time because we wanted to see the Dance contest. This dude that we call Leprechaun (cuz the first time we saw him there he had green hair, though he's never had green hair since) got second place. He seems pretty cool and he's cute. LOL

OMG SNL is hilarious, ok Eminem is cute, besides his attitude in his music and all.
"You guys need to call yourselve the fruit patrol, and arrest yourselves for being fruitcakes"
"Eminem...ok I don't care where you melt" LOL

I shall leave you with some Martina McBride...
Safe In The Arms Of Love
(Pam Rose/Mary Ann Kennedy/Pat Bunch)

My heart's not ready for the rocking chair
I need somebody who really cares
So tired of living solitaire
Someday I'm gonna be
Safe In The Arms Of Love

Strip your heart and it starts to snow
Love is a high-wire act I know
Someday I'll find a net below
Someday I'm gonna be
Safe In The Arms Of Love

I want arms that know how to rock me
Safe In The Arms Of Love
I wanna fall and know that love as caught me
Safe In The Arms Of Love

I want a heart to be forever mine
Want eyes to see me satisfied
Gonna hang my heartaches out to dry
Someday I'm gonna be safe in the arms of love
Safe In The Arms Of Love
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Talk about someone totally opposite of me, with my name... annaliese

I mean yeah it's really common with most names but come on, Annaliese?! My parent's didn't even spell it right it's suppose to be Anneliese.

But anyway I wonder if people like that read my journal and just gag LOL! Well I typed that name in just to see who it was but after that I've been looking thru random journals and some are cool, some are pretty boring tho.

Awe yeah, I just paid for my livejournal account since ya'll suck and didn't do it for me LOL! Just Playin'! But yeah shortly I will have a paid account, wahoo now I can have a bunch of icons and do searches and all that stuff, I know there's more but whatever lol!
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