July 16th, 2002



"Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast"

Ok I got my alloy.com total down to $186, lol. But that's as low as I'm going man!

So I watched American Idol tonight, well the last hour, because we were behind stupid people at Target. Ok there were like 5 people that should be taken out right away, not two.

I had a dream last night, or this morning, whatever. But I'm tired so I'm gonna write it tomorrow lol! It's wasn't as weird as the others but Nelly Furtado was in it LOL! I know, what the heck is up with em and famous people being in my dreams? LOL

I dropped my class today and petitioned for refund. So now I have to pay for next semester and register and all. But it also means I HAVE THE (rest of the) SUMMER OFF! WOOHOO! I WANNA GO TO SAN FRANSISCO!

Anyway zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz goodnight