July 20th, 2002


In Cahoots "Go Go Stomp"

Awe yeah I just ordered my $186 (well with tax $199.03) of clothing from alloy.com =)
Here's what I got--
•LOW-RIDER CHINO FLARES 35" INSEAM available dark gray $32
•SPLIT V BELL SLEEVE TEE backordered burgundy $10
•BUTTERFLY BELT backordered brown $12
•BELL SLEEVE BUTTON-UP SHIRT available light yellow $24
•PEASANT TEE available khaki $10
•SKINNY JOHNNY COLLAR TEE available orange $10
•30" FRAYED WAIST JEANS 36" INSEAM backordered $34
•EYORE™ FITTED TEE backordered black $18
dark blue denim $36

Ok I'm officially changing my favorite Tony Lucca song to "Bottle of Rain", just so ya know lol.

So I've noticed that the people in my friends list actually do look at my journal entries because yesterday I did 3 quizes and this morning when I looked at my "friends" entries there were two people who had 2 of the same quizes I had just done LOL! So you guys are out there! LOL!

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Ok if this post has typos it's because for some weird ass reason I'm typing faster then it's registering on my screen so it's missing letters but I think I've fixed it.
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