July 21st, 2002


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I watched A Walk To Remember yesterday again, this time with the commentary of Mandy Moore, Shane West and the director. What bugged about it was they would say "oh yeah that was cut out, it'll be an extra scene on the DVD" yeah well there are no extra scenes on the DVD. But I didn't know they used the old Dawson's Creek sets because they taped it in Wilmington, NC. LOL That's cool.

I called Laura yesterday to tell her Alicia's coming on the 16th. She told me her dog Brandy died :(.

Oh well I'm out I think my mom's gonna buy my CD burner for me, yippee, maybe now I really can go to SF. even if I have to go ALONE. Oh and I still need to put my paycheck in the bank!
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Please fix my computer...

So Angela, Maria and I went to get ice cream. Then Angela hooked me up with her CD burner, which is cool since my mom is being funky about buying one for me now, whatever. But yeah Angela's leaving tomorrow for Orlando, now I really wanna go, man I shoulda gone, oh well it's to late now and where I really wanna go is San Fra....yeah I know you guys already know LOL!

But I saved a bunch of Crap onto a CD, that's what the folder on my desktop's title is, Crap. Well that's what it is, it's all pictures and other stuff. Now I just need to do one with all my school stuff and one with all my mp3s and then I'm ready to restore, restart whatever it's called my computer, if only I could find that restore disk somewhere...

pray for me lol...and for it to actually fix my computer so I don't have to take it in and pay for someone to fix it.
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