July 22nd, 2002


One more....

Ok I know I've updated like non-stop today but I have one more thing to say before I go to bed...

I will NEVER date anyone who brings up, tries to make me see (I can't say who sees it himself because that wouldn't be fair), refers to or even looks at in blockbuster when it's there... 8 LEGGED FREAKS

Got it? Good!

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Woohoo it worked, now I just need to remember all my bookmarks because I wasn't able to export them :/. And I downloaded ICQ but it's being stupid. And I still need to install my other programs and my printer and all that jazz. Hopefully when I'm done this computer will work better now. Then I can be happy lol!

So I thought my car was possessed last night and this morning, the light inside the car and the Door Ajar light kept coming on and going off. Somethings wrong with the switch on the passenger side door, well nothing's wrong it's just broken. So we took the lightbulb out and we're gonna take it to get fixed.

Angela's in Orlando. LUCKY! Now I wanna go lol! I just wanna get away! We called her, she missed her connecter flight because she wasn't given enough time to get to the other gate. Jayna may have that problem tomorrow too. Hopefully not.

But hey I've got the Jewel concert coming up! :D

I took my payment for next semester to SDSU today. I was gonna just go straight home and take it tomorrow morning but my light kept going on so I went to state and slammed the door as hard as possible and it turned off. Until I started driving home again of course. Now I just need to call Kathy and see what she's taking next semester.

So what do ya'll think, should I go to San Fransisco by myself? Or just wait til we all MAYBE go to New York? The hotel in SF is gonna cost me around $370 for 5 nights. And the drive is 8 hours each way...and with my car acting jacked up...BUT I WANNA GO :(.
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