July 24th, 2002


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Ok I'm gonna apologize for the typos right now because my keyboard has gone nuts. It's not me I swear!

Ok so help me out here. This week has been weird. Today and monday, at my break, I called Maria right? So I was standing in frot of where I work and well on monday there was ths guy that said hi to me like 3 times but I didn't think he was talking to me until the last one because he was looking right at me and he waved. Then today I was talking to her and this guy u-turned twice and both times he passed by he honked and stared at me?! WTH?! Then he turned at the light and was on his way, but what the heck?! And both times I as wearing these ghetto huge pants that make me look like I've got a huge butt! Well bigger then it already is anyway LOL! They are like baggy pants that are even to long for me. And well today my hair looked nice but on monday it was all pulled back and funky! WTH is going on?!

Oh hey I just found out Lance isn't going to be at CFTC, so now I don't care as much that I didn't go. But now Angela can't do the "I love him I love him I hate him" kick thing. lol!

yup yup we were right, bye bye AJ.

Yeay we talked to Angela and Jayna today! They said it's freakin hot in Orlando and that there are sporadic thunderstorms at night.
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