July 25th, 2002


Alloy.com is stupid...

Ok I'm going to be getting all my stuff in sporadic shipments of one.
Well they sent the first 3 things (that I'm hopeing to get tomorrow) but now it's gonna be one by one for the rest.

I really need to work out or something, I'm getting totally lazy lol!

Man I'm scared to get my cell phone bill....to many text messages!

If I brought you a Bottle of Rain, would you save it for a rainy day
over taken by the pain, you just tap into the rain,
remember just because it's here don't mean it's here to stay.
As you say rain on me, just rain on me, bring it on down,
you say rain on me, please rain on me, bring it on down...bring it on down!

Check him out -- www.tonylucca.com
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