August 3rd, 2002



Wahoo! Everyone cheer with me! I have my savings account amount back to where I need it if I'm going to Germany sometime soon. Which reminds me I need to go get my passport photo taken and send it in before the rate goes up! Oh and my pay increased! I thought I was at the top level already. It still says step 4 but it's higher by 48 cents.
Now I just need to make sure I keep the money in my savings, in there and not spend any of it! And now I just need to start saving about $1500 more for New York if we are actually going.

The Marc Anthony concert was last night, Tony was awesome of course *he sang Hollywood Chain Gang eeeee!*. Marc was pretty good too tho, but REALLY short, he was on for like an hour and ten minutes...very strange. It was cool that he started with "You Sang To Me" because that was really the only song I wanted to hear from him.

Ok does anyone know what dreams with moving and duplicating moons means? It was so weird I woke up from sleeping (still in my dream) and it was sunny out and I looked at the moon and it starting dancing around in the sky and then it split into two and one went one way and the other stayed, it was so weird. Then I asked if anyone saw that and the guy in front of me said 'yeah that was weird', at that point I was laying on one of those lounge chairs in fron of a pool. Then I woke up (still in my dream) in my bed and thought about how weird that dream had been and I looked at the moon outside my window and then it moved and came around and passed right by my window and there was a face on it... like a creepy face. Then I really woke up lol it was weird. That same night I had a dream I went to see the new Mel Gibson movie 'Signs' by myself
because no one wanted to go with me, but I had a huge bag and a stack of like 6 hardbound books with me and i put them under my seat. Then this girl sat by me and I switched seats for a better one and she followed then I remembered I had my stuff under the other seat and people had taken those seats and were looking at my stuff so I went oer there and got my stuff and put in under my new seat and the other chick did the same. We still had bad seats in the theater so before the movie started I pushed this button and my chair lifted off the floor about an inch and turned to the side and another screen appeared. It was so weird, then the lights went out the previews started and I woke up.

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Ok so I've never had a boyfriend...yet I still get glares from females who think I'm checking out their man and all that. I don't know how many times I've gotten the 'don't look at my man' look or see some chick cuddle up next to her man when I walk by...Whatever okay! Half the time I'm not even looking at their man! And furthermore I wouldn't ever steal anyone's man okay? okay!

It's funny...the other day someone else told me "I don't know why you haven't had a boyfriend, you're pretty and seem interesting/intelligent/to have some substance."
Yeah don't ask me why I have no idea.

Yeah yeah I know I think about this stupidity WAY to much...
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