August 10th, 2002



Hey any guys from San Diego that'll go out with my friend Maria tomorrow? heh!
My parents are going all stupid about me going out with Disney guy by myself so double date man! Now I have only a few hours to find Maria a date! Common people! LOL!

Heh I'm makin her sound all desperate lol! It's me who's desperate man! Common please!?!
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Ok yesterday my car smelled like Motel out of nowhere it started smelling like motel 6 as I passed down the 8 from State like all the way to the 125.
Heh it's a sign that I need a vacation.

Why can't I just call Kathy? wat the heck am I worried about? I'm so lame.

Ok what else should I take next semester besides Graphics Design classes? I need one more class. or two.

Ok so Art 407 B&W Photo as Fine Art has a prerequisite of Art 207...which hasn't been offered in How would we take it if it's not offered? Maybe I'll try and add it anyway.

OK F*CK! I just looked online and all my classes are full!! This is VERY BAD!!!! I hate crashing classes and they never let you in!!!!!!! Ok I'm gonna cry now...
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