August 14th, 2002


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I have a headache

and I'm gonna be late to work like always, lol, of course I guess it's not really late when you don't actually have a set time you need to be in at.

Oh and I forgot to write yesterday that I love that song that RJ did....between the moon and ny city...I want that song! well not RJ singing it I mean the original of course :)...but alas, I haven't been able to find a mp3 sharing program for mac :(. And everyone I know use to use audiogalaxy.

Oh and next week they're singing 80's songs!
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American Idol Part II

I wanna get caught between the moon and new york city
hahaha ok that sounds lame lol!

Anyway bye bye RJ, even though he did do better then Nikki, in my opinion but oh well, Nikki will be gone next week then. *Not to be hatin on Nikki or anything*

Oh and I can't believe I couldn't think of who sang this song LOL! Once I played it I'm all omg duh! Which was the exact same response my sister had when I played it for her lol!

Man I still have that headache from this morning, and it's really buggin me.
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one more thing

argh! I wrote one more thing and then forgot what I was going to write, this is like the second time this week this has happened!! The DJs this morning were saying August is stupid month or something like that where everyone has memory loss and doesn't get enough sleep, I'm beginning to believe them... oh well I'll edit this entry if I remember...
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