August 15th, 2002


Maybe my computer is trying to tell me something...

like that I'm online to much...My browser just closed out of nowhere again, which is what it did last weekend when I restarted and came back and nothing worked, yeah so I was pleased. So I saved everything and then shut down, everything seemed to work fine when I came back. Then I tried to open my browser and my screen seems okay now tho...

I AM online too much tho...

Hehe that guy at work barely even said hey to me today lol! Maybe he got a clue...or not lol

LOL I'm bored, someone come play with me... ok that doesn't exactly sound right now does it? oh well whatever lol
Hey maybe I'll actually go to sleep early and go to work early and shock everyone...or not lol

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from this day forward your redneck name will be:


So I can confess my sins to the preacher
About the love I've been praying to find
Is there a brown-eyed boy in my future, yeah
And he says, "Girl, you've got nothing but time."
But how do you wait for Heaven
And who has that much time
And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you know that you were born
You were born to fly
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    Born To Fly ~ Sara Evans