August 16th, 2002



So the DJ on 93.3 said it's going to be a beautiful weekend!

And look I'm awake early, miracles do happen lol! I might even get to work by 8:30, wow I think people will stop in there tracks out of shock lol! But I've gotta get use to waking up early cuz I'm going to have 8am classes again this semester, it's been awhile since I've had those lol.

My sister asked me to take her shopping this weekend, since our mom has to work again, yeah when I told my mom that she went off on how she's offered to take her earlier but she always just putzed around and waited until the last minute aka this weekend.

Well I've gotta go!
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I don't like Justin's new song...*hides* of course I AM downloading it right now so I don't know what that says about me lol...

oh and what is this P Diddy and JLo (aka A'int it Funny (Remix) vs. I Need A Girl) Justin sings "Late at night I talk to you..." and didn't someone say Britney's new song that she sang in concert said something like "you called me at night but ran to her" or something like that?

Ooooh KSON just said to call in and tell them who you want to see because they are building the biggest country concert ever...KENNY CHESNEY AND TIM MCGRAW!

Yep I'm home already heh...well I had to leave early because I had to get to SDSU by 3pm to get my transcript sent so I can keep my job. My marvelous job lol! Oh and I kept my IM on while I was at work in case Disney guy came on and decided to say something but when I got home my stupid computer wouldn't "wake up" so I don't know if anyone left me any messages...oh well.

Heh Driver's License Search
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