August 18th, 2002


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I need to move more then I ever have had to before.

Just got back from hangin with the frenz lol...we went to Pick Up Stix, but I didn't eat cuz I had Mac & Cheese at 4pm and wasn't huingry, but while my friends were eating a worker brought Maria and Angela fortune cookies on a plate and then handed me one too, how nice =). Then we went to D&B where Maria got the 'Gone' single from this stupid machine lol. It was cool tho, and fun, I got like over 900 tickets.

Is it weird that throughout my days I think 'hey I need to write this in my livejournal'? lol even tho I usually end up forgetting to write it.

My dad, sis and I might go check out Harrah's later today, they just opened it in North County...and the Maria still wants to go to the John Mayer concert =)

Ok I'm going to bed now
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We're confirming our Reba tickets as we I just need to tell my boss I won't be in on tuesday =). Going to tapings of shows is cool!

So my sis and I went to my grandparents house in Chula Vista today...I'm driving down their street when my sis says 'ok there's a guy on his roof over there' I said 'where' and kept driving, I thought I'd passed it...yeah then we pass this huge tree and see a roof with like 3 guys on the top, there was one guy at the edge with a baseball bat and his pants down showing his ass...nice guys, real nice
Then my sis said 'yeah I'm not looking cuz I don't need to see some guys ass before I go to my grandparents' . I was laughing so hard that I nearly missed a stop sign that had just been added, so we stopped all hard and these 2 guys walking by looked at us funny. I was still lauging when we got to my grandparents house (like six houses down) and before I turned into the driveway I was laughing so hard that I leaned forward and my horn honked all long, making us laugh even harder lol! It was hilarious.

It was cool talking to my grandparents, we started talking about history and trips and stuff. Usually I'm not really into history and all but it was cool, they've been on all these tours and stuff so they have a lot to talk about. Like an underground rebuilt city in Atlanta and the (almost) 'double robbery' by the group that rode with Jessie James (yeah that's how good my memory is, I can't even remember the name).

Now I'm home fun.

My dad was all taking about how he and my mom are going back to Germany in like 4 years for some cathedral opening or something, I don't remember but he's all 'yeah by then you'll be married and have kids'. LOL I'm all 'really? dad you do realize I haven't even had a boyfriend yet and you've already got me being called mommy in a few years lol'. Maybe though heh, you never know. Like I'm always saying, you could meet the guy of your dream tomorrow and be married next year, or the year after, whatever lol. Hey it could happen. Of course with my luck, probably not. lol.
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Reba vs American Idol

ok so I just realized that if we are going to the taping of Reba on tuesday we wont be seeing American Idol...I mean of course we'll tape it but we wont be able to vote...sooo...can someone please watch it and call (or text message) my cell to tell me what number Kelly is so I can vote for her please!! I'd love you forever, really =)!

In heaven there is no beer, so we have to drink it here...don't ask lol my dad has been singing that all weekend, he said it's from Oktoberfest...sure dad whatever you say lol

you know having to fix the time on these updates is getting a bit annoying...
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good stuff


"Yep! That's right I'm back, whooo, hang on to your husbands girls...wheww..."

LOL! Ok I just watched the extras on "Practical Magic" and I had to post this, I love this line LOL! Gillian (Nichole Kidman) says it at the Parents Meeting to see who's in charge of the phone tree lol!

And I love Sandra Bullock! She's so awesome! And I love how everyone calls her Sandy lol! And I think it's cool that my aunt looks like her, even though she doesn't think she does and doesn't think Sandy's attractive, whatever lol! Someone even came up to my aunt in a restaurant once and then said "oh I'm sorry I thought you were Sandra Bullock" LOL! I love it!
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