August 24th, 2002



Do I stay and make nice with the grandparents (they should be here in about 25-30 minutes) and perhaps be taken out to lunch or do I go to Barnes and Noble as planned and eat somewhere around there by myself?

Heh and how many times can you wear jeans before you need to wash them? LOL!

Reminder to self : Montgomery Gentry's CD is coming out this tuesday! YEAY!
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I've spent $5 to "let my favorite maybe's play in my head"...okay if you haven't heard those commercials you probably think I'm insane.

Ewww I went to Barnes and Noble and evil boss still works there! I haven't seen her the past few times I've been there. They didn't have what I was looking for either, neither did stupid Borders. And El Cajon was freakin hot! And now I wanna go back and look for a different book lol!

I got the new People magazine with Britney on the cover. I like Britney, she seems sweet and nice, and the whole Brad Pitt's house thing is in there LOL! I still think that's hilarious. We'll be there on friday cuz my sis wants to see his house.

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