August 25th, 2002



I just emailed some of my professor's begging them to let me into their classes...I hope this works...

Oh and I called to postpone my jury duty and it said they are accepting postponements for October thru December, so my dad was all yelling at me saying I had to call right when I got it. And then I listened more and it said to postpone a second time you have to cal during regular buisness hours and talk to a Deputy Jury Commissioner :-\. Eek! so I guess I'm calling on monday morning.
Oh and Maria had said when she worked at McDonalds she claimed financial hardship because they don't pay you for when you go, so I told my parents I should be able to do that because my work doesn't pay me either but my parents said that's fraud because I'm not paying rent and all that, =P how rude! I've gots bills!
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Friends Quiz!

Take my Quiz on!

Man Angela's was hard but she'll easily get 100% on mine =P LOL!

Hey the Dixie Chicks and BBMAK's CDs come out tuesday too along with Montgomery Gentry Wahooo! I'm gettin them at Circuit City! It's the cheapest!
Hey anyone know of a good, not super expensive, digital camera? I wanna get one before school starts...
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