August 26th, 2002


Shoot me now...

So I emailed my professors right...well here's what I got back from Merritt...

Hi Annaliese,

All I can say at this point is to come the first day of class. The class is full at this point.

We are reviewing portfolios for the Internship and Design Studio next week.
Did you get a chance to work on your portfolio over the summer?
Portfolios need to be turned in to the office by noon on Friday.

My husband Calvin Woo is teaching the 3D Graphic Imagery class from 7-9:40pm TTH. We also added another section of that class so there are 3 sections. We added a second 443 and another 444. Check with the office about the times those classes meet.

What are your goals with regard to the design profession?

Good luck,

Ummm...why didn't I know I could resubmit my portfolio? And why haven't I been working on it all summer? I'M AN IDIOT THAT'S WHY!...well that and the fact that I've had computer trouble ALL summer!

At least they've opened more sections of the classes I need so I can try to get into those. I wonder why they don't let you register for them until after school starts, I'd be much more happy if I could get them now and know I have them!
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Gretchen Updated! Gretchen Updated! Gretchen Updated! Gretchen Updated! Gretchen Updated! Gretchen Updated! Gretchen Updated!

*goes to read the next Chapter of Long Road Home...*

Oh and I love the new Lee Ann Womack CD! I wasn't gonna get it but it was cheap so I did and yeay! But tomorrow I'll have 3 new CDs to listen to lol! And I wanna get a digital camera before Tony's show on friday! What do ya'll think of this one?
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