August 27th, 2002


My regularly scheduled more anger lol

woah...I ordered a bunch of cell phone stuff awhile ago from since it was so casing for my phone was $2.99, the keys were $1.99 and so on. I went back today and everything is regular prices, $17.99 and up! I'm glad I got my stuff when I did! Esp. since the backing is so hard to get off that it has a hairline crack in it now :-/.

I looked at my portfolio again and the paper they gave me said the next time you could submit your portfolio is going to be December 2002, so I don't know where this spontaneous portfolio review came from. I'm thinking of dropping mine off just for kicks...but ONLY if I get down to the El Cajon Kinkos and reprint a few things before friday.

Oh! Good News! I called the art office today and they gave me the registration numbers for the new sections that opened up and I got into both of them, except one is at the same time as my TFM class so I'm still going to try to crash the 8am Art 444 class so I can keep my other classes. But I'm happy I got one class I need! Oh and Brian convinced me to take the piano class--even though it's only one unit and it's at 8am in the morning!

Gotta wrap this up American Idol is gonna be on in no time...

I got the new Dixie Chicks CD and ya'll have to hear it, it's so good, at least listen to "Traveling Soldier"...oh my gosh....
I got the BBMAK CD too! I was gonna get Montgomery Gentry too but it wasn't on sale there so I'm gonna get it at Target or Best Buy tomorrow...Maybe I can drag Maria to come to Best Buy with me and I can get my digital camera and that CD, since Angela will be in class.
I played with a digital camera today while I was at Circuit City and dang! There are a lot of freakin menus and stuff you have to push and set up and all that! but I think once you get use to it it's easy. But if I wanna use it anytime soon I better get it soon so I can read the book (yeah right like I ever read the books to any of my appliances).

That's all, I'm out...GO KELLY! =)
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