September 3rd, 2002



Yeah so I shoulda gone to work this morning since I don't have class til 3. LOL But oh well. Maybe thursday...maybe.

So I woke up at like 8:30 this morning, had breakfast, watched Coyote Ugly, did some laundry, did some dishes...woohoo I'm productive. Of course I'm not getting dressed until I have to leave because it's freakin hot already.

Look out school I'm back lol even though I shouldn't be but HEY that's besides the point lol!

And now I've wasted so much time that I better go soon or I'm never gonna find a paking spot, gotta love the first week of school.
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butterfly sucky!

Ok so I get to the class....I see a note on the door talking about the added class and then assume it was just announcing it...i sit down. Then I turn around and notice people looking at the paper and then leaving. So I get outside, look at the paper and it says the class is monday/wednesday not tuesday/thursday as stated...HOW SUCKY! Oh well now I can work all day tuesday, thursday and friday. And if I want to 4 hours each on monday and wednesday but this means I'm going to have 2 graphics design classes in a row! That's 2 three hours long classes talking about almost the same thing in a row! I'm gonna go nuts! Oh well...nothing I can do about it.

MAN I got ready and all for nothing! What a waste of a day man!

Oh well on the way home I got a smoothie lol! Yeay Jamba Juice.
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