September 5th, 2002



Ok I just wrote a bunch of stuff but I had another browser open and clicked on a link that f**ked up my computer and made me Force Quit Explorer, dammit! Let's try this again...

My parents are watching my Save The Last Dance wierd.
"She's oil, you're milk, you'll never look as good on him as she does"...blech that guy creeps me out (he's a good actor tho lol), I haven't watched the movie in a long time cuz I had a really bad dream with that guy in it.

So I went to Alan's Music today and they don't have the sheet music for Kenny's new CD :( They had sheets for "Young" and "The Good Stuff" but not the whole book :( Man I need the sheet music for "I Can't Go There". Oh and then I had fun going home, I went thru La Mesa and ended up on the worst strreet in La Mesa to be on, I swear the traffic lights must not be synched up right or something cuz going down Spring Street to the 94 took me FOREVER!

So some *cute* D.A.R.E. guy came to the door today and asked if the progrm worked for us so my dad yelled to me "Did the program work for you?" and I said "I guess since wedon't do drugs!" LOL! Of course we don't do drugs because we live in a bubble but that's beside the point lol! Anyway the guy asked my dad if anyone had ever told him that he looks like Richard Dreyfuss (ummm NO He doesn't!) so I laughed and said "whatever" and he's all "common he does a little!" That's when I left lol I had to go get food from Machos! Speaking of drugs (over the counter & legal hehe) it'd be nice if mine kicked's just great being female :-/.

So it rained today (if you could call that rain). Of course what good is rain without thunder and lightning? Right Maria? LOL!

Speaking of "Maria" I got Willie Nelson's CD today lol! I only got it cuz Rob Thomas wrote 3 of the songs including "Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me)" and I think that song is awesome! And my friend Tiffani said Rob sang "Recollection Pheonix" at the concert in Arizona and after hearing that song on the CD I want to hear Rob singing it!! But, no offence Willie but, I really could have gone without the pictures of the old man inside the CD booklet lol! Oh and I can't believe he has a duet with Brian McKnight lol! When you think of Willie's voice, Brian's doesn't come to mind to mix with it. Oh and I also can't believe he covers "Time After Time" haha I think that officially makes it the most covered song.

Reminders to self (hehe):
'The Good Stuff' retires from MWL on friday
Kenny on Grand Old Opry on saturday
Kenny on Wayne Brady monday
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My baby...(until I move out and get a german shepard that is lol)...

ok all at once now...AWWWWWWWWWWW =)

grrr I hate pic posting on livejournal it sucks =P
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