September 7th, 2002

cowboy me


Oh man it's already 11:30 lol!

I turned on my radio this morning and someone called into KSON and said they were getting married today at Sunset Cliffs at 4pm lol this an open invitation? LOL Just kidding. Hopefully it'll be a nice day =)

Man I wanna do something today....what to do is the question lol!
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    Austin ~ Blake Shelton on KSON (I'm sick of this song)

Note to self:

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I'm not missing it again man!

I've gotta see them again! My mom's always talkin about how when I was little I use to run around going "He's my HeMan" hahahahaha! She said once I was 'talking to myself' and she asked me what I was doing and I said I was "playing with my pretend HeMan" hahaha! But yeah I had bad taste back then man, HeMan aint all that lol!
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La la la...

I'm bored.

Anyone wanna go get coffee? or drinks? lol
Maria? Wanna use your Starbucks gift certificate?

Hello? anyone?

Lol how sad.

Ok I'm about to go to D&B by myself r many weekends in a row is this where I'e been bored as hell...
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    Won't Catch Me Cryin' ~ Willie, written by Rob Thomas =)