September 10th, 2002


Justin's video

All I have to say is Boy Can Dance

other then

of course Justin never didit for me anyway

I like Clipse's voice tho

I miss *NSYNC.

Then again I just popped in my tape of Kenny on Wayne Brady and guh (I believe the word is lol), oh yeah Kenny does it for me everytime, Damn! LOL He's even playing guitar too! Hehe Nick and Clayton are there too! Oh man haha I think his pants were a bit to tight though he wasn't exactly sitting comfortably LOL! But damn man he's such a cutie! I Love him...a lot. LOL!
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    One Step Up ~ Kenny's version of Bruce's song


7% of men would marry a redhead? 7%??!!?!?!?!

So you're saying I've gotta find a one in a billion guy huh...that's great thanks.

*that's from some survey or something from Garnier that was on STAR*

well I'm so late for work lol!
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    I Wanna Fall In Love ~ Lila McCann on KSON