September 13th, 2002

good stuff

For future reference...

El Cajon Best Buy bites!

We got there at 8:30 and stood by the keyboards until 9:05...they close at 9 and no one came to help us, no one came anywhere near us. No one even told us the store was closed and did we need any final help! So I'm walking out and the "greeter" guy says "Did you ladies find everything you need?" and I kept walking and said "yeah but no one wanted to help us" then he said "woah woah woah woah wait what?" and I told him we stood by the keyboards for like 20 minutes (even thought it was longer) and no one came to help us and he's all "did you still want a keyboard?" and I said "well I was thinking of what other places would have them" and he listed some!! He's all "KMart, Target... Frys", when he said Target I said "no Target doesn't carry them anymore" and he's all "Well if you really want one I'm sure if you come back tomorrow someone would be happy to help you" Yeah whatever buddy, tomorrow, so I just wasted all my time there for nothing, thanks.

Then I REALLY needed to put gas in my car because I barely made it to work today and then on my lunch break I went to Shell and it was like dripping out of the pumps at one penny a second. Whatever. I ended up getting back to a fourth of a tank there but after picking up Maria and going to Best Buy I needed gas again. So we went to the Arco on Broadway where the machines wouldn't take my ATM card, that always happens at stupid Arco's! So I said screw it and I wanted a smoothie so we went to Grossmont Center and got a smoothie and walked to Target where I asked about keyboards but they didn't have any, I got the Rebecca Lynn Howard CD and Serendipity on DVD tho. Then we went back down the mall and went to Barnes and Noble until it closed, we were looking at the Relationship/Sex and Self Improvement books lol! Those are always the most interesting books lol! Maria found that "IF" book (well it was the second one) and kept asking me all the questions. So at 11 when they closed we left.

I still needed to get gas and I knew there was a Mobil on Fletcher Parkway that I had gone to before so we went there and I swore the guy working there looked like MobilMan! So I was joking around with Maria and then I got out and put my card in and all and while the gas was pumping I was trying to see if it was him. Anyway I gave up and next thing I know he came out and it WAS HIM! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man it was hilarious! Maria was so mean tho she wouldn't even say hi! At least I said hi and all, tho he didn't care at all that I was saying hi. He's all "can I say hi to my friend?" and I'm all "oh yeah Maria's in there" and he was all smiling the whole time and then Maria was playing with her phone so he's all "well I guess she's busy" or something like that and then he left. Aww poor MobilMan (Kariem) Maria's so mean to him lol! "I Go and She Come" LOL!

then I checked my phone and noticed that Angela had called so I listened to her message and called her back and told her all about MobilMan and all LOL!

Anyway so I may check out Fry's tomorrow. Or give the Mission Valley Best Buy another chance cuz I was only there for like 5 minutes cuz I was all paranoid about my lunch break.

Anyway goodnight...I'm debating on whether or not to try to stay awake for BBMak on Carson's show.
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The road

Hey heh thanks to everyone who got out of my way on the 8 freeway while I was driving home lol! It was packed except everytime I came close to the person in front of me the lane next to me would be wide open so I just moved over lol!

Oh and you know what bugs? People that turn from the middle of the street. Hello people that's why the bike lane turns into dashes, so you can move over into it and turn and not mess with the people behind you! =P

Oh hey Jayna thanks for the Rent soundtrack! I already got it, it came REALLY fast man! Do you want any copies of CDs? LIke LeeAnn's or Willie's or I don't know any of the others I have? lol
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Memories of Tony

Heh I'm watching my tapes of Tony, damn you'd think there was an earthquake every 5 minutes! LOL! It's still for awhile and you get into it and then bam someone gets in the way or you move to much and EARTHQUAKE! LOL!

I'm watching the January 5th 2002 one from the Gig and I got all mad again like I was that night when that stupid guy kept getting in the way of the video camera lol! And then of course it's all shaky a lot of the time lol! But it's funny cuz he's drinkin water and says he's on a sabatacle cuz he got all wasted in New Orleans.

The other one I have isn't much better (it's from The Mint on January 26,2002) and it's over a sea of heads lol. What I wanna see is the one from the last time at the Mint on the 30th but Angela has it and hasen't made copies yet =P lol! Of course I'm no better, Im sitting here watching these and I never made them copies of them lol!

If you can't see Tony live on a friday night why not watch tapes of him right? lol!

I need to add my Tony Icon to my list, I hate only being able to have 10 pics to choose from.
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