September 15th, 2002

good stuff

I should go to bed...

So I found Golf Ball Textured Paper. If they will only give me a few sheets and if they'd get to me on time is another story. That's for my 3D Graphic Imagery class. I've spent to much time looking for that paper tho, I need to get to designing everything else.

Now I just need to find out where to sign up for a domain name for my web class. I've heard it's like $70/2 years. That's what my teacher said, it's for extra credit. He said it will be good for when we are looking for jobs...yeah maybe for people with short names...who's gonna wanna type in I don't even wanna type it lol! I need to get married to someone with a short last name lol! It's bad enough my first name is pretty long lol! But I like my name so it's's so bad tho when I sign credit card reciepts now it's Annaliese Ste....... lol!

And non-school related : I also wanna know how to change the background of my journal to a picture...I looked at the page you do it on and it was as if I was back in comp sci classes...what language is that? lol j/k. It can't be THAT hard if everyone is doing it!

anyway goodnight
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cowboy me


I just ordered the pre-stated paper here instead, I hope they can send it soon. And if my teacher brings me some paper on monday I'm gonna feel like a dumbass for buying this...Esp since I just spent $30 on 15 sheets.

But it's late and you do dumb things when you stay up to late.

ok I'm really going to sleep now...well after I take out my contacts...why I didn't do that earlier I have no idea...
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Oh yeay...

I'm 75.8% sexually pure at the Virgin Putrity Test, making my Weirdness Factor 40%.

Like that's at all a shocker.

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cowboy me


Went to dinner with the grandparents AGAIN! Dang man that's 3 weeks in a row, this is weird. It's cool and all I mean hey free food, no getting yelled at to make dinner lol! There was some coupon for Black Angus again.

I couldn't get online all day until now because my "user authentication" kept failing. Whatever...stupid aznet.

Got a Casio keyboard today at Toys R Us. =) Coolness.

I had a weirdass dream last night! Involving Carrot Top...heh I nearly choked him lol! I'll have to write it out later, what I remember of it.

YEAY Monsters Inc on tuesday!!!! And the Target ad had a new Lifehouse CD in it for $8.99 and a John Mayer CD for $6.99 cool! I'll have to pick those up.

Well I better get to designing my box so I have something to show at school tomorrow.
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I love Kenny Chesney alot..."A LOT"!

So yesterday and today I watched his Total Release again and now I'm watching his Showcase hehe! I LOVE him!

And I'm suppose to be doing homework!! LOL!

with a pickle in the middle and a mustard on top...

LOL ok that's all, hehe!
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I'm dead...

Ok everyone has been raving about *NSYNC's "When You Wish Upon A Star" right? So I'm thinking whatever I'll just wait til tuesday when the CD comes out. Then Jayna posted the link...I forgot about it for a couple days until now. So I downloaded it...oh my gosh. Holy crap! Ya'll need to download it because there are no words to describe it.

Of course we all knew they were better at acapella then all the other pop stuff they do. And I agree with everyone who says they need to forget their break and go record an acapella album NOW!

K I need to go to bed now lol! Well after I finish this box design thing I should have been working on yesterday.
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    When You Wish Upon A Star ~ *NSYNC