September 18th, 2002


La la la

here I am again lol!

Yep you guessed it, bored at school. My teacher just told me this really sucky stuff about that paper I ordered, seems it doesn't go thru a printer so I'm gonna have to find somewhere that can make my design a rub on thing. Ick. Wow my weekend is gonna be fun :/.

So I got the Disneymania CD yesterday. Ummm yeah No Secrets RUINED "Kiss The Girl". It was awesome that the main Little Mermaid songs were all on there tho.

Got the acoustic John Mayer CD...yeah if that is in stores I think Tony's Simply Six should be too. And the Lifehouse CD which was typically lifehouse, they've got awesome lyrics. I forgot about Kelly's single tho. Oh and I got Monster's Inc. but haven't watched it yet, I just put in the DVD with all the extra stuff and watched "For The Birds" and the outtakes lol!

So la la la....common someone entertain me lol!
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How sad is it when you reload your comments and friends pages every 10 seconds to see if anyone has said anying since 10 seconds ago? lol
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26 minutes til class...I guess I'll head upstairs.

I'll be back at 7 tho when we come back down here and then play in Dreamweaver...v...e...r...y...s...l...o...w...l...y because you know some people need help =P Gosh on monday I did everything we needed to do in like 10 minutes yet it took the whole time for him to show us everything. How hard is it to do a link? Gosh give me a break man! LOL!

K I'll be back lol
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How lame!

I wasted all that time in the computer lab when class was cancelled! My friend came back in there and said "Class is cancelled, there's a note on the door"! Then a bunch of other people in that class that were in there said "wait what?" LOL! Then we all left. Thank goodness, that boring class LOL!
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mini oreos, a potato and wine (Exotic Berry Arbor Mist lol) for dinner (in that order). Is that as weird as it seems? lol! wonder I'm hungry.

Watched Monsters Inc. =) I can't find the "Finding Nemo" preview :/.

I love this song!
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