September 24th, 2002



To much to do, too much to do, TOOO MUCH TO DO!

I have 39 hours to do 2 projects, one that will take about two or three hours and one that may take up to 7 hours...and I need to sleep like 16 (HA!) of those hours and work 13 of those hours...that leaves me 10 hours! AHH! I can fit it in if I don't do anything else until everything is done! :-/ Oh crap I forgot I also need to practise piano for my exam on wednesday even earlier then 39 hours from now! EEP!
*someone remind me to breath, I'm starting to stress :-/*

Dang man Kelly sings GREAT! Her duet with Reba rocked!

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    Kelly singing Before Your Love on Leno


This is what I've been doing since I got home, and my digicam is being stupid and it wouldn't take an in focus picture =P
Anyway I'll take another pic later.
So for now here is the blurry version lol...

Yes the X on the lid is cut out and YES it took a long time and a few x-acto blades to do it perfectly.

Anyway...need sleep!
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